AA Meeting Schedule for the Mendocino Coast

A meeting schedule for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on the Mendocino Coast, including Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Gualala, Point Arena, and Manchester

 Rhodie Gathering

Rhodie Gathering



Updated: November 12, 2018

Mendocino Coast Hotline 877-546-9286  

(Espanol 964-2684 or 964-7617)

Please note that Gualala meetings are only a few minutes north of The Sea Ranch. Gualala and Point Arena have a local hotline telephone number: 707-884-1401. Or you may click here for meeting information.

Meeting Locations in Fort Bragg and Mendocino

Fort Bragg, CA (FB):

Pacific Home Group (PHG): 32341 N. Harbor Drive, in Noyo Harbor, next to Casa Del Sol Restaurant

Senior Center: 490 N. Harold Street. Facility is Accessible.

EM Church: Evergreen Methodist Church 300 N. Corry (at Laurel St.). 

SM Church: St. Michael’s Church, 201 East Fir Street (at Franklin Street).

P Church: Presbyterian Church, 367 S. Sanderson Way. Facility is accessible.

Mendocino, CA (Mendo):

MCC: Mendocino Community Center 998 School Street, Mendocino 95460 On the corner of School and Pine Streets, behind the Baseball field off Little Lake Road. Facility is Accessible.

Meeting Locations in Gualala, Annapolis, Manchester, and Point Arena

Gualala: 39144 Ocean Dr. Suite 4 Action Network Room in Cypress Village, On the East side of Highway 1, in Gualala Above Physical Gym   www.gualalaaa.org

PA:                                                                                                                                       Cerrutti Medical Center : 176 Main Street (Dental Office Conference Room)                      St. Paul’s: St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Next to school on Hwy One, Point Arena. Facility is accessible.

Annapolis: 35555 Annapolis Rd. at the Horicon School Library

Manchester: Garcia Grange, located at 43970 Crispin Rd Manchester, CA 95459 (Just off HWY 1, first building on the left)

For a PDF version of our schedule to print, click here

9:30 am Discussion, PA, Cerrutti Medical Center
10:30 am The Pilot Group Spiritual Meeting, FB, Senior Center
Noon As Bill Sees It, FB, PHG
6:30 pm Daily Reflections Mtg., Manchester                                                                         6:30 pm Big Book FavoritesFB PHG                                                                                      

7:30 am Big Book Study, Gualala 
8:00 am Daily ReflectionsFB, PHG
Noon Big Book Study, FB, PHG
5:00 pm Step Study, Gualala 
7:00 pm Chip meeting, FB, Senior Center
7:00 pm Reading/Topic, MCC
8:00 pm Alcohólicos Anónimos en Español, FB, PHG

7:30 am Discussion, Gualala 
8:00 am Daily ReflectionsFB, PHG
8:30 am Midmorning Wakeup Group, FB, SM
Noon 12 X 12 bookFB, PHG
5:30 pm Discussion, Annapolis
6:00 pm Men’s, FB, EM Church (CLOSED)                                                                           6:30 pm First 164 Pages MeetingFB, PHG                                                                             8:00 pm Discussion, PA, St. Paul’s Ch.


7:30 am Discussion, Gualala 
8:00 am Daily Reflections /Chip, FB, PHG
Noon Topic/Discussion Meeting, FB, PHG
5:30 pm Discussion, Gualala 
6:30 pm Topic/Discussion, FB, PHG
8:00 pm Chip/Speaker, MCC
8:00 pm Alcohólicos Anónimos en Español, FB, PHG

THURSDAY                                                                                                                               7:30 am Discussion, Gualala 
8:00 am Daily ReflectionsFB, PHG
Noon Living SoberFB, PHG
Noon Women’s, FB, EM Church
5:30 pm Happy Hour, FB, Senior Center
6:30 pm Step 11 Meditation Meeting, FB PHG
6:30 pm Women’s Mtg., Gualala 
7:00 pm Discussion Manchester

7:30 am Attitude Adjustment meeting, Gualala
8:00 am Daily ReflectionsFB, PHG
Noon "How Was Your Week in Recovery?" Discussion meeting, FB, PHG (Chip Meeting)
6:30 pm Speaker/Discussion, FB, PHG
6:30 pm Women’s Meeting, FB, P. Church
8:00 pm Speaker/Discussion, Gualala 
8:00 pm Mendocino Young People in AA, FB, PHG

9:00 am 12 X 12 Book Study, FB PHG
Noon New Beginnings, FB PHG
Noon Discussion, Gualala 
6:30 pm Speaker/Discussion, FB, PHG                                                                                             (On the last Saturday of the month at 5:45 pm there is an AA Birthday Potluck)
6:30 pm Clean, Safe, and Sober Meeting, FB, SM Church         (This meeting is an hour and a half)
7:00 pm Candlelight Meditation, Gualala
8:00 pm Alcohólicos Anónimos en Español, FB, PHG

Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous unless the meeting is specified as CLOSED. CLOSED meetings are for people who have a “desire to stop drinking".